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In the current coronavirus crisis all group events have been cancelled or postponed. As soon as restrictions are lifted this page will be updated with details of group resumption or re-arranged events

January 2020

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 First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Xmas  and a healthy New Year. 

The Poppy Appeal and Remembrance went well. Hardwicke Church was full to overflowing on the 10th November and on the 11th in Tesco we had a great attendance with our county fundraiser city councillors the Sheriff of Gloucester and Richard Graham taking part.

Our Vice Chairman attended the ceremony and march past at the Cenotaph with the R.A.F. Oman Veterans. 

Presentations of the Memorial Plaques were made, many thanks go to Mens Shed for those, and Beech Green School laid Poppies on our wooden cross during the silence. Our thanks go to the public and everyone who helped in whatever capacity to make the Appeal successful.

We look forward to 2020 when we will have our Poppy Awards Night in March. We will also be taking a group of about 15 members to visit the Battleback Centre in Lilleshall where we will be given a full afternoon tour and briefings on the work done there. We will be presenting them with a cheque to aid their work.

In April we will be holding our Anniversary Dinner, then in May a celebration of then end of World War II, also in May and the 100km Walk around Ypres in Belgium also in May. Our meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and will usually have a speaker, Please come along and see what we can do.

Carol Bratty B.E.M. 

Branch President


Aril 2020

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Hardwicke  W.I.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the beautiful daffodils, planted by WI members last November, in full bloom around the millennium stone. 

They certainly help to brighten these wet and windy days! We had great ‘Fun with Fondant ‘at our March meeting learning how to make some Easter cake decorations out of fondant icing. Everyone was inspired to have a go and we look forward to seeing some more exciting efforts as members decorate cakes in future!  Hardwicke WI meets on the third Wednesday of each month in Hardwicke Village Hall from 7.30pm. For further information please contact Pam Lewis on  01452 720541.

Due to coronavirus all events are postponed indefinately

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March 2020

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The Club had recently purchased a Bingo Set and at the second meeting in February it was put to good use for the first time. Sue Lovell acted as caller and as she had printed leaflets to inform 

players of the precept of each game as it was played the whole session went very smoothly and was much enjoyed by everyone taking part. 

In March a regular visitor to the Club, Jon Mason, the Planteria Manager at Highfield Garden Centre, came to give us the springtime update on the activities of the Centre. Plans were still ongoing to extend the Restaurant - a major project as the kitchen equipment and staff were already working to full capacity and everyone is aware of the existing car parking problems. He hoped that next year would be the plant department's turn for expansion. Jon demonstrated and gave advice on planting up containers, including a three-section alpine planter which he filled with saxifrage, sempervivium and purple sedum. Together with two other pots containing primroses, polyanthus, etc. he kindly donated them to a raffle to raise funds for the Club. He told us of problems, because of the weather, that the plant department and their suppliers, both abroad and in the U.K., had faced. February had shown a big loss but it was hoped that with a good March and April this would soon be recouped. Bulbs are not so popular these days. Customers do not have the gardening knowledge that was apparent years ago and are not aware of the preparation needed to develop plants from seeds and bulbs. The demand is for instant colour. 

Due to Convid-19 the Golden Age Club will be closed until the end of April. 

For more details please contact Terry Prosser on 01452 725331 or Sue Lovell on 01453 724620.

July 2020

Help If We Can

Help if we Can have been organising a large Thank You Parade for many weeks. This will be through the centre of Quedgeley from the Community Centre to Fishers Meadow where there will be a short service of thanks for those at the pointed end and those invited include the Consultant and staff at the Intensive Care Units (Gloucester and Cheltenham); GP Surgeries, the emergency services, schools, Royal Mail, the foodstores, the Refuse Operatives, and many others. The parade will pass Severn Vale School where the salute will be taken by some of those above. As soon as we are given the all clear, the date and time will be made known. Please come if you can. We have applied for a road closure.

Also still on the plans is a "Last Night of the Proms" at Severn Vale School on Saturday 17th October (all being well). On Armistice Day, Wednesday 11th November at the usual public Act of Remembrance at Quedgeley War Memorial, Help if we Can are also arranging for a Memorial to those in Quedgeley, Hardwicke and near villages who have died in 2020 from the Coronavirus (and there have been quite a few) to be erected in the Memorial Garden.

Our annual visit to Ypres and the Menin Gate cancelled this year because of the Pandemic has been rearranged for May next year, there are just 10 spaces left on the coach. Anyone wanting to go or have more information on Help if we Can (and maybe join our growing ranks) are asked to make contact.

Contact; Steve Smith (bulldog.smith@btinternet.com).


April 2020

St. Nicholas Parish Church in Hardwicke

Services in April 2020

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During the vacancy at Hardwicke Church, the Church Office will continue ot be available on 01452 720015 and via email at our new address church-office@gmx.com

All services suspended indefinately due to coronavirus

The spring festival of Eostre, was named for the goddess of dawn, and when the Saxons arrived in Britain around 5th century AD, the festival came with them along with rebirth and fertility rituals involving eggs, chicks and rabbits. When the Saxons converted to Christianity and started to celebrate the death and the resurrection of Christ, it coincided with Eostre, so the early church called the celebration, Eostre or Easter in modern English. The actual date varies due to a calculation based around the spring equinox set by Egyptian astronomers in 235AD.

The resurrection, startling and miraculous as it is, provides a glimpse into the future that God offers to all humanity. It is a glimpse into the promises of God’s kingdom. Sometimes, in the depths of winter, spring and the joys of summer seem so distant that we lose hope. However, suddenly there is a thawing in the ice, a receding of terrible rain soaked days and a glimpse of the future season to come. Jesus is resurrected not just to declare God’s power but also to bring hope and to release courage to those stuck in the difficulties of this life. As we read the Bible narratives, we realise that none of his followers really believed that he would be raised on the third day. Even Mary Magdalene, arriving at the tomb early in the morning, did not come to see if he had been resurrected but rather to anoint his body. This, despite Jesus repeatedly telling his followers that he would be resurrected.

Jesus’ crucifixion was a moment of total defeat for his followers. The women and men who had invested their lives into following him had seemingly seen everything that they hoped-for die upon the cross. Sadly, many of us can identify with this sense of loss and hopelessness, especially in painful bereavement. However, his resurrection, the glimpse of the new kingdom season, where death and pain are defeated, is a moment of tremendous victory for those who loved him. God’s kingdom had come. And this victory is for us here, today; a moment where we glimpse God’s future for us and our loved ones, and we remember his sovereign rule both in our lives and in the world.

 Andrew & Neil St. Nicholas Churchwardens

April 2020

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English Martyrs Catholic Church, Tuffley Lane, Tuffley Gloucester GL4 ONX 

covering Hardwicke, Quedgeley and Kingsway 

English Martyrs Catholic Church is the Catholic Church with pastoral responsibility for Roman Catholics in the area. 

Our Sunday Mass is at 9am and includes Children's Liturgy of the Word and beautiful music and singing. 

The mass is followed by tea and coffee in our parish hall. 

Normally there is also a Mass on Tuesday at 12 Noon and on Saturday at 10am but please check the latest newsletter which also includes details of other activates

 at https://gloucesteremaoc.com/

All services suspended indefinately due to coronavirus

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April 2020



All services suspended indefinately due to coronavirus


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Grace Church Quedgeley

www.gracechurchquedgeley.org www.facebook.com/ gracechurchquedgeley